Blunt Force Trauma Cigar / Blunt Humidor

Blunt Force Trauma Monkey's Coming To You With Their Version Of Cannabis and Life Humor.

We Hope You Enjoy, and That We Have Provided You With A Monkey That Meet's Your Personality and Sense of Humor.

Many Color Options Available - Message Before Ordering With Any Questions, Thoughts, Or Concerns.

If You Have A Special Request of Idea, Send It To Our Support Staff. We Are Always Happy To Hear From Each One Of Our Fans!

These Adult Ladies Classic Tees Will Allow You To Showcase Your Humor and Set The Tone When You Enter The Room.

 → Rosewood Piano Finish Humidor
→ Size: 9 1/2" x 7 1/4" x 2" → Color: Rosewood → Material: Spanish Cedar

- The Box Has Gold Hinges On The Back.
- The Inside Of The Box Is Made Of Spanish Cedar and Utilizes Charcoal.
- The Inside Lid Of The Box Contains A Hygrometer & Humidifier (Attached With A Magnet)
- The Underside Of The Box Has A Black Velvet Lining.
- Care & Instruction Sheet Is Included In The Humidor.
- Contains A Divider That Can Be Placed Anywhere Along The Width Of The Box.
- This Humidor Should Hold 45-60 "Average" Size 6" Cigars. (Will Vary Upon Girth Of Cigars.)

- **Artwork is laser etched into the word with Heat and Pressure. No Color added.

(Special order only! 2 to 3 week Time frame for engraving)

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